Excella Chong


The name Excella says it all. Excel in everything she does in life. That's right! Excella is not your typical poster girl but a dynamic and charming entrepreneur who is passionate about catapulting the Malaysian entertainment industry! Too big a dream? Not for Excella! She is the living testimony that no dream is too big, even for a petite lady like her.

She single-handedly gathered a team of passionate Malaysians and they all came together to build that dream into a reality, which gave birth to the idea of the International Music Video Awards Festival (IMVAF). IMVAF is THE music event of the year that would set all hearts pounding and all feet stomping with a red-carpet gala dinner and many other exciting agendas! It will also be entering the Malaysia Book of Records for First Malaysia 3D Broadcast International Music Video Awards Festival.

Some of her biggest achievements include the production of the infamous Pau Man music video which garnered 1.5 million views in just three months; writing Thankful, the theme song for Malaysia TCM & Western Treatment Cancer Charity Association, released in 2014; writing and composing her soulful single – Broken Heart, released in April 2019. She made headlines in the prestigious New York Fashion Week with her stunning first single performance Broken Hearts. Her performance received rave reviews and hogged the media limelight both local and international, from The Star, NBC, Fox and ABC News. Success breeds success. She performed her second single Crazy Night with a standing ovation in Cheungju, Korea and RICOH International event in Tokyo.

She unfurled her creative wings by partnering with a local fashion designer, Cherry Law. Together, they collaborated with The Mod House Malaysia Designer and Jackie Holliday New York Designer launched their 2020 Collection Fashion Show in Kuala Lumpur.

A lady that lights up the room with her smile, elegance and poise, she won the deserving title of Mrs Malaysia Elegant Queen 2018 as well as Miss Malaysia Petite World 2015 (2nd runner up). Her kind and charitable spirit also got her appointed as the Universe Peace Ambassador in 2018.

Underneath all that beauty and grace is a smart lady with a sound business mind. She needed a space where she can unleash her creativity, so she started TOC production, a music and video production company delivering high production value and creative, marketable content.

Some of her other accolades include:

  •       Co-Founder of Global Hundreds
  •       Chairman of Event, Media and Publicity of Be My Protector (BMP)
  •       Head of Events & Branding of Malaysia TCM & Western Treatment Cancer Charity Association
  •       Women Entrepreneur Bureau (WEB)

A multi talented artist, an entrepreneur, and a model with two beauty pageant titles, Excella is the epitome of beauty and brains. 

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