Dr Janson Ang

IMVAF ADVISOR / Entrepreneur & Philanthropist / President, The Giving Bank Foundation / Janson Group of Companies

Entrepreneur & Philanthropist, helming at 17! Malaysian born, Dr Janson Ang became the Chief Executive Officer of the Janson Group at 26. Having graduated from the Chartered Institute of Marketing at Sunway University, he began his career at a tender age of 17 with the KEU Group as a Corporate Service Executive in early 2000. And at 17, Dr Janson’s desire to help was so intense that he gave whatever he had in his pocket whenever he encountered those in need.

The philanthropist at heart led him to set up a non-profit organisation – The Giving Bank Foundation in 2016. His is a strong believer of giving back to the society and the aim of starting the foundation was to give all charity efforts more structure and transparency. The mission of The Giving Bank is to get down to the grassroots level and fully understand what they need. Dr Janson believes that charity is not just about writing a cheque. He aims to help the underprivileged in the most effective way by fulfilling what they truly need, be it companionship, food, shelter or education. His vision for The Giving Bank is to have a nationwide presence and become the foundation that anyone would go to for charity. His latest effort included hosting the “A Night of Giving” gala dinner on 13 July 2019, where he raised RM1.25 mil. The funds would be used to help 50 youths enter a 3-year diploma programme.

Today, aside from The Giving Bank, Dr Janson runs the show of 4 Groups covering 29 subsidiaries with 960 full-time employees, achieving more than RM500 million in annual sales. He is known to be a chartered member of Who’s Who International, and President of the KEU Toastmasters International Club. He is also a member of PUMM, JCI International, CEO Club Malaysia, MENSA associations, Business Networking International and Lions Club Kuala Lumpur.

With all that going, he still finds time to contribute in public speaking for both Malaysia, Asia and national conferences. His biggest achievement is speaking to delegates from around the world at a 7,000-member congress in Indonesia. He has made many appearances on the media, including TV and radio. He has received many recognitions, awards, and acknowledgements throughout his career. Over the years, with his education background and a strong desire to learn, Dr Janson Ang has become one of the youngest promising entrepreneurs in Malaysia, featured in Top 10 Malaysia and Top 10 Asia. He was recognised by the Who’s Who Historical Society of the United States of America in 2008, 2014, and 2015, respectively.

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