As global change requires voices from every level, the IMVAF platform is also dedicated to making sure everyone has a voice. Therefore the content entries for IMVAF will range across 3 categories:

A) Youth and Students:
This category is dedicated to young minds and students who wish to create a Music Video to share their voice for a cause. They will be judged less on their production capabilities but more on their creativity, honesty and authenticity delivered in their music and videos. This allows for these internet and tech savvy youngsters to make use of their smartphones, and digital skills to create meaningful entries regardless of what equipment or resources they may or may not have.

B) Open Category – Hobbyist and Semi-professionals:
This is an open category for anyone that wants to participate. Participants will mainly be those with some video production and music background who want to gain more recognition and awareness for their works, as well as share their positive message for change.

C) Professional Corporate Category:
This category is dedicated for IMVAF partner corporations. The focus will be on creating music videos that promote Corporate Socially Responsibility (CSR). It is important that corporations also share in the need to affect positive change, and these videos will allow our corporate partners to do so. These videos will be done

Awards Categories

1. IMVAF Music Video of the Year 2. Best Music Video Director
3. Best Music Video Production Design
4. Best Original Song
5. Best Music Score
6. Best Lyrics
7. Best Vocals

8. Best Music Video by New Talent
9. Best Original Composition by New Talent
10. Best Vocal Performance by New Talent

11. Best Corporate Music Video
12. Best CSR Music Video
13. Best Thematic Music Video

IMVAF Awards