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07 March, 2020

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of PEACE together with IMVAF?

Let the colors of music and visuals take you to a breathtaking adventure on stage as we celebrate peace and love with music video, dance, fashion and edutainment. See it, hear it, feel it. The International Music Video Awards Festival. Be there!


MARCH 2020Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


The International Music Video Awards Festival (IMVAF) is an international platform where key industry players, from artistes, film directors, choreographers to producers can showcase their works and gain worldwide recognition.

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The world of arts, music, movies, television and theatres have always been honoured and recipients of these awards have gone to become legends as well. However, for music videos, recognition is always rare compared to music and movies.

Good work of art, especially in the likes of music and videos, must be supported in any way. That is why IMVAF is created. To honour and recognise those who dedicated themselves to promoting the art itself via music videos.

IMVAF stemmed from the belief that Malaysians have a lot more to offer, and credits should be given where it is due especially when the messages are all about spreading joy and positivity to the world.

The idea was cultivated by a team of passionate and patriotic Malaysians, wanting international recognition for the Malaysian entertainment industry while increasing the opportunities for cross-border collaboration.





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